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1st Topic Starter Event!

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1st Topic Starter Event! Empty 1st Topic Starter Event!

Post by BlackZ on Fri Sep 21, 2012 1:49 pm

Twisted Evil Good Day ProGrammerZ! Twisted Evil
We have here some little event to have fun and to help.

1. Can Only Win 2 Times.
2. Do Not Spam.
3. Post a Good,Nice,Helpful, and Useful Topic's
4. Don't Post Any Non-Sense Topic. (+1 Warning)
5. Only One Winner Per Section With No Post's
6. Post With Non-Sense or Empty Are Not Counted

-Find a section with no post and post any Good,Nice,Helpful, and Useful Topic's, Make sure you post first!
-If you where not the 1st poster, Don't worry there's 2nd and 3rd place.

1st Place: § 3,000
2nd Place: § 2,000
3d Place: § 1,000


//Event End.
Next event will start when members are active.


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1st Topic Starter Event! Empty Re: 1st Topic Starter Event!

Post by MedievaL on Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:19 pm

By the way, There are 8 Sections with Empty Post's.

I Am A Warrior From The Dark Side.
1st Topic Starter Event! Adfly.350x19.1

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